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Angelique Flynn

Mindset Matters

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Angelique Flynn

Welcome to Mindset Matters

An accountability group for life and career transformation for women, by women.

Not Currently Available for Purchase

About Us

Mindset Matters brings together women in their 30's, 40's, and beyond who don't want to believe that our best days are behind us, or that we are stuck in the rut of everyday life.  We will uncover our bigger mission for our lives that's not defined by our families or sense of obligation so that we can create permanent and positive changes in our lives and careers RIGHT NOW.

This is YOUR accountability group for creating a positive mindset. You'll get out of it what you put in, so dig deep. 

Why You Should Join Us

These are uncertain times. No one can debate that.

People feel unsure of what's coming next. 

So many of us turn to social media to feel connected in isolation, but often times, it is exactly what drives us apart. It is the source of our anxiety, or it is the instigator of our worries.

My friends, there is a different way.

With Mindset Matters, you can expect to:

* Detach from the soul-sucking addiction to Facebook and Instagram

* Discover practical, everyday steps you can take to live a life of purpose and joy, no matter what your external circumstances bring.

* Search for what makes you happy and attract more of that into your life.

* Hold space for the people you care about who need extra reassurance, without draining your own energy.

* Engage in meaningful conversations about topics that are important to you.

* Meetup with local and like-minded women to make new friends or network, online during social distancing, and in person in the future.

* Explore opportunities to volunteer in your community in a safe and productive way.

* Be the first to learn about courses, events, and retreats.

* Activities, polls, meditations, and yoga classes to align your energy with your passions. Live events in the group and pre-recorded sessions.

* Negativity-free zone.

You get all of this for free for two weeks. Take a look around. See if when you pick up your phone, you're more inclined to check out what's happening on Mindset Matters, rather than a different social media platform. If you are drawn towards our positive atmosphere, stay on awhile longer. Cancel anytime.

Still not sure you are ready? Subscribe to our weekly email to get free access to some of the content on Mindset Matters. Click here.

Thank you for giving Mindset Matters the opportunity to transform your life!

A Big Thanks

Thank you to the original Mindset Matters group, my founding members.  You showed me what's possible when we work together to be bold and brave.

What Members Are Saying

"Mindset Matters has been a breath of fresh air from the negative energy on most social media platforms.  The women here are so encouraging. Mindset Matters does a great job of keeping me motivated in ways that help me continue to find gratitude and optimism in my life.  Everyday I actually look forward to the connection in a safe and positive community." - Roxanne N., Mindful Healing Practice

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